Welcome to “411 in the 412”.


Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Carri, and I am your native Pittsburgher, Editor and resident blogger. In 2014, I partnered with Carol Gerner to bring you Steel City Mom, and then in 2015 we developed this website, “411 in the 412”, to appeal to all Burghers, not just parents.

411 (four one one, not four eleven) is not only the universal slang for “info”, but it also just so happens to be my birthday (April 11). It’s no wonder I’m always researching and looking for more resources and information. I was just born to be the go-to girl, curious enough to get involved, advocate and educate.

I adore this big-little city of ours. I was born here in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s, and grew up in the 90’s. Media was limited then as compared to our digital lifestyles we have now, and advertising was everything. The more people I meet different neighborhoods, I hear about annual events I never knew of, or places I have been. And, I realized how limited my youthful exposure to Pittsburgh really was at the time.

When we set out to build 411 in the 412, we had 4 major ideas in mind:

Pittsburghers want to know about…. 

  1. Events (fundraisers, concerts, sports, business, networking, sales, marketing, family friendly, schools, colleges, nonprofits, live performances, movie viewings, performance art, nightlife, adults only, pet friendly, group outings, call to actions, rallies, parades, vendor shows, festivals, garbage night…)
    1. We want to give our readers a place to hear about different events throughout Pgh that normally get lost in translation.
  2. Resources (#TheMoreYouKnow412)
    1. How to live in Pittsburgh
    2. How to travel in Pittsburgh
    3. How to “adult”
  3. Breaking news (#BreakingNews412)
  4. Reviews, opinions, advice and direction.

Social Media is an endless and vast array of images and words that flash before your eyes in hopes to gain your interest for more than 5 seconds. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter would not exist if not for the fans who like, share and retweet their favorite things. Here at 411 in the 412, we want to like, share and retweet everything you love and need to know about the ‘Burgh. 


Like 411 in the 412 on Facebook for cross-posting events and happenings all over Pittsburgh. Send us a private inbox message if you want us to promote your event.

Tweet with 411 in the 412 on Twitter feel free to tag us @411inthe412 to promote your event or happening.

We are now on Pinterest! Come Pin with Us!

And, finally -I am looking for motivated and talented people to join my team as content creators! Just email me at info@411inthe412.com for details.

Sincerely, Carri

Click here to join me on about.me

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