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Saturday February 6 marks National Frozen Yogurt Day, and many will be celebrating by visiting their favorite local shops to indulge on froyo and fixings. Especially so if the weather holds up as it has been here in Pittsburgh.

About 10 minutes south of Downtown, you’ll find a friendly little hangout in Mt. Lebanon that serves, in my opinion, the best froyo in Pittsburgh. Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt is located conveniently in a cute cubby of the South Hills, and offers a very unique selection of gourmet, organic frozen yogurt. I had the chance to visit Owner Lyl Rose at her store this week to sample the flavors on tap.

I asked Lyl, “what is important to know about Piccadilly that it stands apart from the rest.” Her answer was simple. Literally. Simplicity of ingredients and knowing the source of them is very important to Lyl. The history of Piccadilly is based on sourcing local farmers to provide a quality product, natural and unstripped of nutritional value. Froyo isn’t the only thing offered that is organic. Toppings are also locally sourced, including a good selection of fruits and nuts. Lyl aims to offer a variety of flavors of yogurt and toppings that are yummy and indulgent, as well as healthful and guilt free.

Hand drawn by a local high school student
Hand drawn by a local high school student

And, now for the taste test. My favorites were…

  • Salted Caramel… is sooo good. It tastes very similar to butter pecan ice cream. Balanced flavor and viscosity to activate the sweet and salty simultaneously, and again I stress, no bitter!
  • Vegan Coconut mixed with Pineapple… you would think this would taste like pina colada. You would be wrong, as I was as well.. But, what I discovered was frozen coconut milk makes for a very delicious alternative to high fat yogurt.
  • Sweet Cream… Nature’s vanilla. So plain, so sweet. The Tart is just as awesome, like a plain greek yogurt.

I’ve always liked frozen yogurt, ice cream, custard, etc. I am particular about texture, more so than flavor. What I noticed right away was how it compared to the texture of Rita’s custard, stiff but creamy. The vegan flavors were a little more icy, but still had a firm shape and served well. I tried a little of each flavor, and mixed a few together just for fun. I was impressed with the sweet flavor and heaviness of the cream yogurts. And the best part – no aftertaste! How is that possible? No Aspartame! None.

You can even use a divider if you want to sample more than one (or 4 flavors)!

Lyl takes pride in her shop, from decor to substance. Her shop is family friendly, equipped with a party area stocked with board games, and other toys to make it a nice place for teens to chill, or parents to make a pitstop or playdate.

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As you can see, we had a great time!

Getting our #froyo on at Piccadilly. Totally unplanned surprise

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If you are interested in learning more… you can visit Piccadilly on Facebook by clicking here:

Stop by this Saturday to celebrate #NationalFrozenYogurtDay and #Picca your favorite flavor! Click here for the Facebook Event page


~ Carri